Zero Zero

Traveling is something unique. Sounds very obvious but it truly puts you in contact with cultural and gastronomic diversities which enormously enrich you as a person and broaden your perspective. While in Lisbon, we had the chance to get familiar with most typical and recognized Portuguese specialties. No need to tell you that we got a crazy amount of pasteis de nata, bacalhau, sardinhas and a lot of other aces of the ‘tradição Lusitana’.

Although we sincerely love getting into an immersive cultural experience in each place we visit, we also stick to a curious obsession (call it also a guilty pleasure): we love discovering authentic interpretations of our all-time favorite cuisine, Italian food. It might seem risky and you could end up disappointing your expectations but often we get positively surprised. It has been the case with ZeroZero, for instance, a 100% Italian restaurant that first opened in 2015 at Príncipe Real, one of the most vibrant and local neighborhoods in Lisbon. They have a large selection of Italian edible greatness: the thin and crunchy pizza is their signature but every single option in the menu perfectly represents the Italian culinary excellence. The menu is a proper trip from north to south Italy and it offers a broad selection of antipasti, salads, pasta and pizza, including a number of vegetarian options.  Make sure you perfection your experience, enjoying a few drinks among the large selection of prosecco, wines and cocktails.

The well-finished interior of ZeroZero will add up to the quality of the food like a dash of grated Parmesan cheese on top of your pasta. The decorations on the wall, made by illustrator Ana Gil, show us the typical Italian ingredients and the regions where each product comes from. The design combines cement surfaces, marble-topped tables, copper ceiling lamps and holm oak logs which are used in the wood-fired oven. Since Lisbon can rely on a wonderful climate, there is a big chance you will prefer to enjoy your lunch or dinner outside on the large terrace, overlooking the Botanical Garden. For a moment you might even forget being in the city.

The name ‘ZeroZero’ finds its origin in the main ingredient of pizza: “00” is indeed the type of flour, imported from Italy, which through a specific fermentation method called ‘polishing’ results in a highly digestible dough and a very enjoyable pizza.

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