The Hoxton

Sleep, eat, work and play at The Hoxton Paris.

As you might have noticed, we walk in and out The Hoxton in Amsterdam on a regular basis. To have a work session, coffee, lunch or just some Friday drinks. One month ago we spent, once again, a night in the hotel. It felt so good. Being guest at The Hoxton feels like a warm bath. You understand, when we heard about the opening in Paris, we couldn’t be more enthusiastic.

And indeed, the experience has been better than we imagined. The Hoxton Paris, built in a 18th century residence located in the 2nd arrondissement of Paris, is the largest of the Hoxton family and its outstanding size is obvious from the moment you step in. One of the joyful Hoxton girls welcomed us in front of the entrance and walked us to the reception after crossing the enormous and lightful lobby. Room 310, one of the 172 guestrooms, was going to be ours for the following 24 hours!

The public areas are designed by the Soho House. The lobby has one of the two 300-year-old spiral staircases. Velvet fauteuils and dark oak side tables are spread all over the dining areas in order to offer a little corner of privacy to both guests and visitors. The floor is made of light-colored bricks which create great harmony with the brightful light passing through the glass ceiling.

Rivié, named after Etienne Rivié for whom the building was constructed, is the hotel’s restaurant which offers all day long French inspired dishes. It has the style of a French brasserie with a modern twist. The bar is accompanied by blue velvet stools and marble dining tables, which add a timeless touch of class.

Via the second spiral staircase you enter the Jacques’ Bar, an intimate space in the oldest part of the building. Inspired by Jacques Majorelle and the Majorelle Garden in Marrakech, the bar looks both exotic and cosy. The space, filled with velvet couches and fauteuils, will put you at ease. All you will need to do is to relax and let an experienced barman walk you through a charming cocktail experience. The decorative floral wallpaper finishes off the room.

The Hoxton Paris
30-32 Rue du Sentier, 75002 Paris

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