San George

Downtown Italian

Last weekend when almost everyone was partying at Georgie’s we had our own party at another George. Dinner at San George, a downtown Italian located close by Leidsesquare. Most of Amsterdammers know the area very well for its nightlife and passed the restaurant while riding around. What they might have missed is a chic Italian bistro. What a shame! If you like Italian food, like us, it’s definitely a place you should visit. Since the price range is possibly higher than you are used to, we recommend it for special nights.

Bistro Chic

The interior design reminded us a bit of Cecconi’s, an Italian cousine concept that you can find in cities such as Barcelona and Berlin. The designers of Framework Architects did a great job. The bar made of blue tiles is a real eye catcher and fits great with the leather couches. Pure class. Green velvet chairs are surrounding the black marble tables. The floor is covered by metro tiles and rumors say the bar stools are from a casino in Monaco! Ke-tching, Jackpot!

Authentic dishes

The food was delicious. Our night started with a glass of Prosecco and a mouth watering octopus carpaccio served on a crouton, couldn’t go better.
Right after we got served a mix of their antipasti. The selection included the italian all-time favourites such as a selection of hams, burrata cheese, vitello tonnato and melanzane alla parmigiana. Happy days. We got to try, as first dish, a quite unique Ravioli filled with egg and flavoured with a butter truffle sauce.To be tried. Our second dish was a Tournedos al Barolo, a very juicy meat accompanied by truffle, mushrooms and spinach’s. As tradition we ended with Tiramisu. Always a winner. San George offered us a dinner that highlighted their best fish, meat and pasta specialties. A perfect treat for our weekend.

San George
Stadhouderskade 7

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