Mr. Jordaan

15 januari 2018

They say it themselves: they are quite different from the average hotels in Amsterdam. Located at Bloemgracht, the heart of the famous area ‘De Jordaan’, the hotel owns a 17th centery canal building. Staying at Mr. Jordaan is a true Amsterdam experience. Think wooden staircases, vintage furniture, squeaky floors and pointed roofs. De Jordaan is one of the most remarkable neighborhood of the city, original home of many famous Dutchies. Well-known of it’s authentic cafés, art studios, the Anne Frank museum, the Jordaanmarket and the Homomonument.

Back in the 60s, the original owner of the building started to advertise his couch at the local tourist agency. It was such a big success, the couch turned into a room, which turned into two, into a full floor.. You understand where I’m going with this. Nowadays the hotel has two buildings with five floors and a 9.1 score on Even after so many years, the cosy and homely hospitable spirit is still very present.

Mr. Jordaan, Bloemgracht 102,



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