When I started my website about four years ago, I wrote a lot about minimalism and all my pictures and personal style fitted right into that. My closet only had four colours: white, black, denim blue and grey. My apartment was all white with a few black details and accessories. That’s where the name ‘Boringthngs’ came from. What was boring was most people, I really liked and felt comfortable with. As you might for noticed, many colours have been added in the last two years. I learnt minimalism isn’t about the colours you use or not, it’s about the amount of stuff you own.

This morning I read an article where they say you should spend your money in experiences instead of material objects. I totally agree. But I do appreciate pretty items. In an unique way they make me feel happy as well. I want to drink my morning coffee from a pretty mug, eat lunch from pretty plates, my bed needs to look like a Pinterest picture so I can’t wait to jump in it at night. But yes, everything else needs to go. All the accessories laying around are useless and are not helping with emptying my mind. I made a deal with myself, I only keep a few items with a memory and showcase them on one place, our Be Pure Tea Trolley.

About the pictures, a while ago I organised a brunch at home for my parents and sister. I always like to experiment with new dishes especially now that my boyfriend and I decided to have a plant-based diet. We made a cheese free ‘pizza’ by using Leksands triangle crackers and everyone could top it of with anything they liked. Not only fun to do, but also light and healthy!