Bottomless Brunch

I guess you all have been extra sweet for you Mom last Sunday. We surprised Davide’s Mom, who flew over from Milan, with a brunch at Pressroom. Specially for this lovely day the restaurant of INK hotel organised the Bottomless Brunch with classics and specials, topped off with an unlimited amount of bubbles! I always think restaurants in The Netherlands don’t really get the concept of Brunch. When I think about brunches I see a table full of salty and sweet dishes, prosecco, juices. You name it. I was so happy when Pressroom announced the event and shared the menu. Exactly how I imagined it!

Sipping on my Espresso Martini cocktail, laughing about the funny conversations in Dutch, English and Italian and enjoying the French toast made of ‘Fries suikerbrood’ to the fullest. It was a great Mothersday!

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