About us

Our goal is to visit and tell you about every single hotspot which has a minimalistic design in all cities we are going to travel to. We want to create personal relationships to drive trust and bring value. Brands help us the same way we help them.

Every city comes with a style.
Every city we visit is combined with one fashion brand. This means that we both wear items during our entire trip. This way your newest men/women collection will be photographed as part of our lifestyle. Each time in a new location and atmosphere.

Let us guide you.
Every place we write about is selected by its modern, minimalistic or just very unique interior design. Is a hotel or restaurant opening soon or been there for a while but still worth writing about? Let us know! We would love to pay them a visit.
Hôtel Adèle & Jules

Content creation.
Boringthngs is a website about hotspots in Amsterdam and the rest of the world. Every month we travel to a different city to visit hotels, coffee shops and restaurants. Everything we do, taste and see we capture as a photo or video. Some of them will be posted on Instagram right away to take our followers with us, others will be featured in one of our cityguides.